Company Profile


Serum Biotech is a high-tech enterprise specialized in research, development, production and sales of antitoxin and antiserum products in China.


The Company has its raw plasma supply base in Dafeng, Jiangsu province, and the finished product factory in Shanghai Zhangjiang High-tech Zone Qingpu Park. The main products include equine anti-tetanus immune globulin, equine antivenin series and equine anti-rabies serum, all of which have been included in the Catalogue of National Basic Medical Insurance,Industrial Injury Insurance and Maternity Insurance(2017 edition). Among them, the antivenin products are effective emergency drugs for snakebites which have saved millions of lives from snakebites. The equine anti-tetanus immune globulin (F(ab')2) is a new generation of tetanus antitoxin products researched and developed  by the Company by using the modern column chromatography purification technology and improved production techniques.Its clinic application dramatically reduces the positive reaction rate caused  by the heterologous protein as well as the incidence rate of anaphylaxis and serum disease.


In order to strengthen core competency and keep sustainable growth, the Company has devoted a lot of effort to its R&D of new products and established a long term cooperation relationship with various domestic and overseas research institutes. At present, multiple new antivenins are in development.